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Himalayan Children Home
Govt. Registered No. : 1214 / 2069
PAN No.: 600665186
Himalayan Children Home

Samakusi ,ward no 29,Kathmandu, Nepal
Mobile: +977-9851075258, 01-4259074

Himalayan Children Home
(Helpless Children Home)


Himalayan Children home was founded in 2012 at Kathmandu with a view of humanitarian view of enabling war stricken parentless orphans living under abject poverty to attain an all round development the life of orphaned children from various nooks and crannies of Nepal.  Since its advent, the Home has been accommodating 10 children ranging from the age of 5 years to 14. These children come from some of the remotest war ravaged places of Nepal including 14 districts and 24 Village Development Committees (VDCs) . The Home, apart from fulfilling the basic needs (including food, shelter and clothing) of these children has also been providing for education and health.

We firmly believe  that each and every person has got social responsibility and especially fortunate ones  who had an opportunity to get better education and living conditions should extend a helping hand to  less fortunate people strata of the society. Serving human is serving God and there cannot be a better way to serve the Almighty than bringing light to the lives less fortunate children. A small help rendered to such children provides them with an opportunity to lead a meaningful life and thus bring down the social imbalance which is the root cause for the current day turmoil in the society. This social imbalance is the root cause for increased criminalization, anti-social and anti-national activities and these less fortunate children are at high vulnerability of being used by the seasoned criminals as the pawns of their unholy schemes.  If these children are adequately provided for then they too can lead a decent living and become good citizens, thus helping make this world a better place to live.

We at the Himalayan Orphanage Home are committed to work to the gamut of our ability to provide for such children. Every good cause starts with an objective and our objective behind establishing this Child Home are as follows:

  • To offer orphaned, abandoned and destitute children with basic needs and education regardless of their race or creed, solely according to their need.
  • To provide education up to Senior Secondary School and sponsorship for University and vocational training for orphans and the disadvantaged.
  • To prepare our children to be self reliant, independent, thinking individuals becoming positive, active, and contributing members of the community.
  • To provide good nutrition, health and medical care in a clean hygienic environment in which the children can live and grow.
  • To teach honour and respect of oneself, other people and God.
  • To teach all children to be a new generation of proud Nepalese.  

The founders and promoters of the Home well realize the importance of giving back to the society and there could not be a better way to care for those who would shape the future of the country or even world tomorrow. Providing for the underprivileged light bearers of tomorrow is the most astute task and the Home is planning to expand its reach to other parts of the country  to provide for more and more of such children in the days to come.

These children were living in an awful condition before coming to the orphanage. After coming here, they are being provided with the basic needs, education and health care owing to the help and support rendered by wonderful people who make donations for these hapless children in cash or kind. But as our journey doesn’t stop here, we would need more aid, help and support to fulfill our objectives towards existing as well as potential future children. Providing with subsistence is not enough, we also need to train them with some sorts of vocations so that they can earn their own bread in future. This will demand a perpetual and uninterrupted resources . Himalayan Orphanage Home therefore makes a humble appeal to the benefactors like you provide for these children in any way you can. We urge you to visit the orphanage before making any contributions so that you can see & feel the reality yourself and extent your valuable support for a worthy cause.

Please remember that this is a philanthropic task requiring a unified and unfaltering assistance from each and every one. A small help form you can do wonders in shaping the life of such children. If we are united, we can & we will make the difference.  Himalayan Orphanage Home reiterates its commitment to provide for these children of God and thanks all the benefactors and bulwarks of humanity for their invaluable and unwavering support.

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